Personal Development

Stand In Your Truth

“Live your dreams”: three words that sound so liberating and exciting, but many don’t understand the level of courage that actually takes.

The courage to leave what you know, what’s comfortable or guaranteed, to take a leap of faith into the unknown in order to stand in the unwavering truth of your soul’s mission.

To get comfortable with being uncomfortable as you stretch yourself in ways you didn’t even know you were capable of. 

To dive deep into the inner layers of your heart as you ask yourself how you want to show up in this world, how to use your unique and divine gifting to impact humanity for the better, to show up and risk being rejected, or misunderstood.

Here’s the truth: when you unapologetically stand in your unwavering truth and become the most raw and real version of yourself as you follow your dreams, you will trigger people. People who don’t understand you will be triggered by you because of how bold and courageous you are for being authentically YOU, because so many people long to show the real them, but never do in complete fear of how they’ll be received.

People may not understand your truth because it’s not familiar to them; speak your truth anyway.

People may not understand why you want to live the highest and best path of your life; live boldly and courageously anyway.

People may categorize you and try to put you in a box of what or who they think you are; be uniquely you anyway.

People may wrongly accuse you, speak negatively of you, and try to sway others to see you in a negative light, simply because you don’t fit into the mainstream mold of what is “acceptable” or “normal” in their eyes; speak your divine truth anyway.

God has an incredible purpose for your life that goes beyond your wildest imagination. Surrender to it, trust it, and take inspired action. People may not understand it, but do it anyway.

The lives you are meant to touch will resonate with your message, your core essence, with all you embody and stand for. 

When the going gets tough, stand in your truth anyway.

Look within, tune in, and trust that everything is working out for your highest path. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Even when it may seem like the odds are against you, stand in your truth, and be you anyway.




The Catalyst of Transformation

Spiritual entrepreneurs, do you ever feel like you get that divine nudge to go deeper in opening up your intuitive and spiritual gifts than ever before? 

I remember what this was like for me very early in my entrepreneurial journey. I knew I was highly intuitive and a hyper empath, but I knew there was so much more to my spiritual awakening journey.

I did all the things; meditation, prayer, journaling, crystal work, an array of manifesting techniques…but the game changer? Energy work: learning the power of my own energy, the study of energetics, how to heal myself from a cellular level outward, becoming the master of my own energy, and showing others how to do it for themselves. 

I realized that truly everything comes down to energy. We are always putting out and receiving what we are an energetic and vibrational match for.

I discovered that often we have energetic barriers that we don’t even recognize on a conscious level that ultimately shape our entire reality, and until we address the core pattern or wound on an energetic level by doing the deep inner work, we will remain in a constant cycle of staying exactly where we’ve always been, or feeling like we reach the next level of success only to hit the glass ceiling again.

To reach the next level in our lives, to up-level, quantum leap, have a transformational shift-whatever you’d like to call it-we must look at our inner being, the energetics behind what we do and the way we process through life and rewire, reprogram, and redefine the way we move forward on our highest path.

When we are able to master our own energy work, ALL of our spiritual gifting opens in full bloom. 

  • Develop a heightened awareness and consciousness that goes beyond mainstream intuition; you learn to channel your higher self to become her; you know you’re always guided and supported so bye-bye to self doubt or constantly looking outward for answers.
  • Operate in your intuitive and spiritual gifts 100% of the time; total clarity that you’re on your highest path and know how your gifts uniquely work, and in turn, your clients also see mind blowing results in their own life. Ciao comparison, and hello confidence.
  • You learn how to heal yourself on an energetic level outward; in turn, your health and relationships radically improve.
  • You break past barriers that have kept you feeling “stuck” or playing smaller in life than you’d like; oh hey there next-level of success and fulfillment ;)
  • Learn and implement the beautiful power of harnessing your masculine and feminine energies to work *in unison* together; no more striving, burn out, or exhaustion. Hello ease, flow, and joy-with success greater than you’ve ever seen before.
  • You live in a state of balance in every area of your life-mind, body, and spirit; healthy boundaries, mutual respect, and never settling again become your new norm.
  • Live in a state of freedom and gratitude as you feel the true beauty of life; aka: magnet for miracles.

Are you ready to experience this *fully* in your own life? These aspects are just the beginning of what we work on together in my private 1:1 mentorship.

Will you be one of the world changers? 🔥



Intuition: It's More Than A Buzzword

Let’s talk about intuition for a minute, after all, it’s the buzzword of 2018-right?? 

We’re hearing it everywhere, “I’m intuitive”, “trust your intuition”, “lead with intuition” fill in the blank…intuition..blah blah…

But what does this actually MEAN to you?!

INTUITION IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A BUZZWORD…it’s way, way, deeper than that. 

Intuition is more than just a fad for those who want to be classified as spiritual. It’s more than just a comfort phrase or mere reassurance on something. 

It’s more than a feeling that you think you should believe because everyone says it’s the thing to do. It’s more than just having confidence in a decision. All of these things are cool, but let’s be real-they’re surface level and mainstream.

Lightworkers are shifting into deeper levels of consciousness than ever before. Do you know what its like to be connected with your higher self, and not just get intuitive downloads from time to time, but LIVE in a state of heightened awareness? ✨

When we REALLY connect with ourselves intuitively on a deep soul level, our lives shift spiritually, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and physically. You and I both know that every part of our life is interconnected. 

Imagine what your life would be like in each area if we connected on a real intuitive level?


  • Live in a state of heightened intuition and actually channel information for your highest path—no more having to look outward for answers
  • Use your intuitive and spiritual gifts to their fullest and operate at 100% of your capacity
  • Use your spiritual gifting to impact the lives you come into contact with-and do so in life changing ways—giving your clients the exact insight they need to get mind blowing results and transformations
  • Become crystal clear on your purpose, your message, your gifts, the way you help people, and you see massive shifts begin to happen all around you
  • You become your own healer, and in turn, help heal others
  • Cleansing, guarding, and protecting your energy is your new norm which = stability


  • Inner strength deeper than you’ve ever known before—you no longer allow external forces to dictate your emotions
  • New found confidence; you no longer put your sense of self worth or identity in what anyone else thinks of you
  • The beautiful ability to receive when you once had difficulty doing so and even felt guilty for it
  • Own your worth in every aspect of your life and never settle in relationships ever again
  • Fully aware of your own inner power and are able to inspire those around you to become the best and highest versions of themselves as well
  • Your ability to hold space for others increases ten fold
  • Set healthy boundaries and balance that is sustainable for the long haul
  • Live in a state of gratitude and overflow; this allows for abundance in every part of your life


  • clear thinking from operating in complete alignment with your souls mission
  • Natural gifts and abilities skyrocket
  • Shift from “stress, overwhelm, hustle, and stuck” to operating with ease and flow in ways that bring you joy
  • You become highly aware of what you desire and set clear non-negotiables in your life
  • No longer sweat the small stuff or let insignificant things consume your thoughts
  • Accept challenges you wouldn’t have had the mental strength or confidence for in the past
  • Set bigger intentions for yourself and achieve them with ease!


  • Have more energy than ever before
  • Have the sensation that you can feel every cell in your body working together; feeling “lit” and inspired
  • You honor your body by staying active and healthy
  • You practice self-care every day, it’s a non-negotiable for you now
  • You physically have a “glow” about you that others notice and comment on #soulglow
  • Rock your soul aligned confidence 

If you’re ready to connect on this kind of a soul level, and deeply use your intuitive and spiritual gifts to impact *every area* of your life, love, and business- then my spiritual mentorship is perfect for you. Want in? Trust your intuition and take inspired action. 😉