The Magic Of Being Present

Have you ever been in a normal moment and all of a sudden you have an epiphany feeling come over you and in that instance, you see the authentic beauty of everything around you? It’s magical…

So often we are rushing around in our day to day lives in task mode, moving from one thing to the next as we check it off our to-do list, merely going through the motions as we are trying to be massively productive. We are so busy that we miss all the little miracles happing around us.

It takes self-discipline and a desire to truly be present and “tune in” for us to see the real awe of the everyday things that our busy minds often look right past because our brains are conditioned to seeing the norm. What happens when we lift that veil, quiet the mind, and tune in? We allow ourselves to become enveloped in the beauty of the things that surround us, and in turn, we feel and experience massive gratitude for all the “little things” and are reminded how deeply we are loved by God.

I experienced this first hand a few days ago. I was sitting at my kitchen table working and heard my sweet puppies playing together and it caught my attention. I looked over at them and marveled in how sweetly innocent they are and how much fun they were having. I was spurred to laughter as Tillie, my little one, started fearlessly wresting Tank, who is double her size. They heard my laughter and both looked up at me…Tillie had the most expressive look on her face and her bright eyes pierced into my heart. Tank began wagging his tail and sticking his tongue out as though he was smiling, and in that moment, I was insanely grateful that they are my kids and was thankful for the ways they bring joy and laughter to my soul.

My eyes shifted and caught my decorated Christmas tree and I marveled…has it always looked that crisp and green?! Did that silver ornament always shine so brightly? My gaze locked onto an ornament that a dear friend gave me and I recounted the numerous hours we’ve spent together laughing and happiness filled my heart. To the corner I saw a handmade snowman I have displayed by the front door that was made by one of my former patients, a fiercely brave little girl who was battling cancer at the time. My mind instantly went to the day she handed me this snowman she crafted for me as she explained that she made the scarf to look just like the one I always wore, and how she made the earrings sparkly because I always wore sparkly earrings. In that moment, I remembered the feelings I had of being so proud of her for her courage, and it brought tears to my eyes at the thought of how blessed I was to be a part of her journey.

Overcome with emotion, I looked outside through the big window next to me and saw the beauty of all the leaves piled in the backyard, and sat there in awe that the seasons actually change and we get to see the beauty of God’s creation in so many forms. I took a sip of my peppermint hot chocolate and actually savored the taste on my palette and felt the warm sensation of it passing through my esophagus into my stomach. I looked up again, and looked around at everything in view and really saw it all as though seeing it for the first time. I was fully present, fully aware, and overcome with gratitude. 

Friends, life is too short to live each day on autopilot. I encourage you to take a moment out of your day to tune in, to be fully present in that period of time, to soak in the beauty around you, and to reflect on how incredibly blessed you are.

When we are fully present in the moment and are able to see through a clear lens instead of rose tinted glasses, we raise our vibration. We move into a frequency of gratitude and begin to live life to the fullest. We experience joy, and a peace in knowing that all things come together for our greater good. 



The Age of Success

“But nobody is going to take me seriously. They’re just going to look down on me because I’m younger than them and think that I don’t have enough experience,” she said. I looked into her questioning eyes and knew the familiar fear she was facing. 

There has been a common theme that has come up in multiple conversations with different people this past week that I would like to address-and that is the fear of not being able to make a real impact because you’re “too young”. 

First of all, where did we get the notion that the impact you can have in the world is defined by your age? Is it because most people we see “succeeding” or having the life we want are older than us? If that’s the case, we need to understand our own perceived definition of success. The problem is, success is not quantifiable because it looks and feels different to everyone. What one might consider success to be a big home, fancy car, and high paying job, another might consider success to be raising their family with strong values, or volunteering, or just doing something they're passionate about because it brings them joy.

Given that success cannot be measured in numbers, it is not restricted by age either. Gifts and God-given talents are in each and every single one of us. I think of the show, “The Voice,” for example. You have someone who may be 50 years old and insanely talented with a grit so raw it cuts to your heart. You also have 15 year olds with voices so angelic it sends chills down your spine and you immediately want to jump on iTunes and download their song. I’ve never heard anybody tell the 15 year old “you’re good, but you’re too young to win this competition because you don’t have enough experience.” No, they’ve got raw, natural talent and they are loved for it. They touch the heart of the listener just as deeply as the 50 year old does.

Gifting is gifting. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what degrees you have, how much experience in one particular setting you have—what counts is your gift, your unique ability to know exactly how to soar in your specific role, combined with an undeniable passion.

If it’s on your heart, it’s there because it’s connected to your purpose. When you live your truth and do it from a place of passion, people are drawn to you…you stand out because you’re not afraid to be authentically and unapologetically you while owning your gifts. Know your truth! You are not too young, or too old for that matter, to do anything you desire to do. You just have to take the first step, then let the results speak for themselves.

Let your passion burn brighter than your fears. Remember, decisions are magnified with joy when they’re fueled by passion.


Life Is Too Short To Exist, It's Time to Live!

Have you ever had a desire in your heart that you really wanted to do, but never did it because fear held you back? Something that has been in the back of your mind for so long and you always tell yourself “maybe one day when I do _____ first” (fill in the blank), or before I do that, I have to achieve this, that, and that other thing first or I won’t be ready. I’ve been there too, and let me tell you, you will never be ‘ready’. There is no perfect time. Excuses will paralyze you if you let them. The time to start what you’re passionate about, what brings you ultimate excitement, and pure joy, is now!

I look back on life and think about how many wonderful things I could have been a part of or accomplished already if I hadn’t let fear hold me back. Fear of not being smart enough, or pretty enough, or fit enough, or experienced enough, or whatever other lies we are fed about not being “enough” or “ready”.

The truth is, you are already enough. God of the universe crafted you so beautifully to live out the purpose of the desires He so carefully put in your soul. That thing you’ve always wanted to do? That desire is in your heart for a reason. That place you’ve always wanted to go to? You want to go there because your soul knows there’s something magical there for you to experience. That business you’ve always wanted to start? It’s because you’re perfect for it, the gifts you have are going to be used and magnified when you do it because it’s fueled by passion. You are more than enough. You ARE ready.

The world needs what you have to give. Maybe you’re held back because you think there’s already so many people doing what you want to do…that may be true, but they are not you. They don’t have your unique talents, they don’t see beauty through the same lens as you do, they don’t have the same life experiences that have shaped them, they don’t have your brain or your heart, and they do not have your soul.

Beautifully magical things are created from the soul, and when your soul is on fire, you are unstoppable. What’s stopping you? I challenge you to tear down the walls of the lies your ego has fed you and step into the fullest extent of your purpose. Your heart already knows the way, just surrender. Allow.

When I left the corporate world to start my coaching business, I was taking a huge risk—and anyone who knows me can attest that I am not a risk taker by nature. Thoughts flooded my mind like “why on Earth would you leave your guaranteed salary and secured job to start a business when you have no idea what will come of it?! Are you crazy, Danielle?! What are people going to think of you to leave everything you’ve worked so hard for??” 

I battled with thoughts like these for months on end. The thought of stepping into the unknown was SO scary. But you know what was even scarier to me? The thought of living the same year over and over again and calling it a life.

I didn’t want to keep living in a passive state of wishing it was the future and getting through my days by looking forward to the weekend, or the next fun event, or a trip, etc. I wanted to live each day with passion and joy and know that I was living out my true purpose. I didn't want to merely exist anymore, I wanted to actually live; and live a life I was totally in love with, a life that lights me up by using my gifts to impact the individuals I come in contact with in a real and transforming way. 

If I, the type “A”, recovering perfectionist, who thrived on stability and knowing the plan, could take a leap of faith, so can you!! I believe in you. You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward, just take a step. I promise you, when you leap, the net will appear. Don’t waste another day to begin doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Go full force into what sets your soul on fire-I dare you.