Hiding In Plain Sight

I see you over there, hiding once again, because deep down you’re afraid of the power that is within you.

You’re afraid that if you step into the fullness of all you were created to be, using your divine spiritual and intuitive gifts at full capacity, that you’ll lose friendships, that things will shift so fast you won’t know what’s happening, and you worry about how people will perceive you, and how your life will change.

But let me ask you this, if not now, when? If you don’t follow the call of your spirit now, after it’s been tugging on you for so long, then when will you? 

Yes, you’ve already been successful with what you’re doing, but you know there’s something more that’s missing, and that strong nudge in your soul to go deeper than ever before is trying to speak to you loud and clear-and it’s only going to get stronger until you take inspired action.

Do you want to be exactly where you are now 3 months from now? A year from now? If the answer is no, then it’s time to honor your inner guide and make the changes you’ve been avoiding.

I can tell you personally, the nudges to explore your spiritual gifts aren’t going to go away. The world needs your gifts now more than ever-we need your divine insight, your healing power, the way you coach and lead others-all of it! 

You’ve been entrusted with gifts greater than you even fully comprehend right now, and the universe is calling you day after day to uncover them, nurture and grow them, and serve with them.

When I finally committed to opening up my divine spiritual and intuitive gifting in full force, my entire life transformed-in the best, most fulfilling, expansive, and joyous ways.

If you’re resonating with this message, it’s because it was meant for you. You’re being called, and it’s your time. ✨

Let’s journey together to unveil the insurmountable power that is within you.