Stand In Your Truth

“Live your dreams”: three words that sound so liberating and exciting, but many don’t understand the level of courage that actually takes.

The courage to leave what you know, what’s comfortable or guaranteed, to take a leap of faith into the unknown in order to stand in the unwavering truth of your soul’s mission.

To get comfortable with being uncomfortable as you stretch yourself in ways you didn’t even know you were capable of. 

To dive deep into the inner layers of your heart as you ask yourself how you want to show up in this world, how to use your unique and divine gifting to impact humanity for the better, to show up and risk being rejected, or misunderstood.

Here’s the truth: when you unapologetically stand in your unwavering truth and become the most raw and real version of yourself as you follow your dreams, you will trigger people. People who don’t understand you will be triggered by you because of how bold and courageous you are for being authentically YOU, because so many people long to show the real them, but never do in complete fear of how they’ll be received.

People may not understand your truth because it’s not familiar to them; speak your truth anyway.

People may not understand why you want to live the highest and best path of your life; live boldly and courageously anyway.

People may categorize you and try to put you in a box of what or who they think you are; be uniquely you anyway.

People may wrongly accuse you, speak negatively of you, and try to sway others to see you in a negative light, simply because you don’t fit into the mainstream mold of what is “acceptable” or “normal” in their eyes; speak your divine truth anyway.

God has an incredible purpose for your life that goes beyond your wildest imagination. Surrender to it, trust it, and take inspired action. People may not understand it, but do it anyway.

The lives you are meant to touch will resonate with your message, your core essence, with all you embody and stand for. 

When the going gets tough, stand in your truth anyway.

Look within, tune in, and trust that everything is working out for your highest path. God doesn’t make mistakes.

Even when it may seem like the odds are against you, stand in your truth, and be you anyway.