For the ambitious, soulful woman deeply desiring to step into the bigness of her God given mission, in full expression of all that she is—The woman who is ready for the next level, but first needs to heal her heart and clear the space to receive all of God’s best for her in order to begin to THRIVE.

A 4 month deep dive to conscious healing from heartbreak; Rediscovering who you are, redefining your world, reprogramming your new path, shifting your paradigm.

As a soulful leader, you know you’re called to a great mission, and you’re so beyond ready to step into the magnitude of ALL you are! You’ve had the visions, the dreams, all the signs, the desire is there—and yet, you aren’t where you want to be. This is utterly mind blowing to you because as the high performer you are, you’ve had success with everything you’ve done in life. But now, something feels “off” and you have no clue why it’s holding you back.

You can literally feel the fire in your soul calling you towards all that’s meant for you, and your deepest desire is to use your God given gifting to make a profound impact in this world, while also living in total alignment with your purpose and being lit up by your life, experiencing true fulfillment.

But if you’re really honest with yourself, there’s something holding you back.

Right now you may feel as if:

  • You’re not making the progress in your business/career that you want to be

  • Deep down, you’re desiring SO much more, but you’re totally exhausted on a soul level

  • You’re doing “all the things” and taking action, yet feel like nothing is working

  • You catch yourself self-sabotaging your own success

  • You’re still feeling some remnants of past hurt, even though you have no idea where it’s coming from because you thought you worked through all of it already. Sometimes you even replay it in your mind until you can’t think straight anymore

  • You realize that you’re totally in your head about every.single.thing.

  • You feel like you can’t even hear your own intuition anymore, or you’re questioning it

  • You sometimes question your gifting and if you’re living your truest purpose

  • You’re SO ready to thrive, but you can’t pinpoint how to move past what feels like a wall in front of you

Can we have real talk with D for a sec? Sister, you may not even realize this on a conscious level, but so you’ve unknowingly shut down the connection to your heart—that power center where your deepest desires reside, the place where you connect with your truth.

But why? Because there’s some level of heartbreak that has ensued in your life; it could be the loss of a loved one, whether that be a romantic partner, family member, friend, the loss of a circumstance such as a job or business, the loss of a place you long for, a dream, the loss of a former version of you, and so much more-you name it. But the common thread: loss.

Being the resilient and responsible woman you are, you have continued on with life, never taking your foot off the gas pedal. As a result, you’re feeling depleted and it’s affecting every area of your life; your business/career isn’t where you want it to be, relationship issues are arising, your self perception and confidence is off, you’re not as productive as you know you can be, and you’re ultimately not following the desires of your heart which is making you feel stuck in a major way, but you don’t know how to move forward in a way that’s going shift things for your highest good. 

As the kind hearted, soulful woman you are, you’ve been putting everyone’s needs before yourself, and because you’re known as the strong one, you don’t want anyone to know that deep inside, you’re battling. 

You may be at this place where you’ve shut yourself off from feeling because the last time you opened your heart, you got hurt. Now you’re so cut off from the desires of your heart, succumbing to self sabotaging tendencies and not allowing yourself to receive the best God has for your life. This leads you to feel unfulfilled or like something is missing, even though externally it looks like you have it all and are totally put together.

Love, I’ve been where you are, and I can tell you that what you’re needing right now is to connect back to your heart again, as your heart is the wellspring of life. The journey of healing inner wounds you may not even realized you are still carrying with you so that you can finally step into the fullness of who God created you to be, living out your highest purpose, completely fulfilled on a soul level, and being purposefully whole from the inside out. 

In order to heal, we must feel. In a world that glorifies “the next best thing”, deep within, it won’t satisfy until you’ve healed the root cause of the pain. If you’re seeing the same patterns played out in your life over and over again, it’s a sign that there’s a deeper wound, pattern, or belief that needs to be addressed.

  • The same type of conflict you keep attracting into your life…

  • The same type of relationship you keep settling for that’s way less than you deserve….

  • The same fight you keep having over with your family member again and again…

  • The same reason you keep saying you’re going to do all these particular things that you never actually do….

  • The same reason why you’re shying away from your real truth…

  • The same reason you’re self sabotaging which is keeping you from your next level of success...

It all comes down to one core wound/pattern/or belief that has been leaking over into the other areas of your life, which is why you’re seeing the same things repeated.

You don’t have “so many issues” like some of my clients initially think, you just have one core belief that needs to be reprogramed so that you can create a new pattern and shift your paradigm. 

Imagine what your life would feel like if you could experience:

  • Healing on a soul level that frees your heart from the hurt you’ve been consciously or unconsciously carrying with you, further freeing up space for the things in your life you DO want!

  • An unshakable faith and being grounded in your truth—no longer needing the validation of others

  • Opening your heart to RECEIVE your hearts desires; the business/career, income, partner, place to live, literally anything!

  • Self love, acceptance, and empowerment—no more hiding or people pleasing!

  • Owning your confidence and your worth—no more dimming your light, which means you get to shift your business around, letting go of the “shoulds”/“woulds”, charge your worth, and accept the soul nourishing connections into your life

  • Deepening levels of self awareness around your own needs in addition to knowing how to communicate those in your future relationships for healthy, thriving, mutual fulfillment

  • Ending cycles of codependency

  • Ending toxic relationship patterns

  • Loving yourself unconditionally, and setting standards that are honoring to yourself

  • Being fully content on your own, not needing someone to complete you

  • Joy and peace are your regular states

  • Becoming the vibrational match for the desires of your heart

  • Freedom and permission to be ALL you are, the highest and most fully expressed you

These are just a few examples of the tangible outcomes the ladies in the last round of this program experienced, and I know and believe all of this and more is possible for you too!

It really is possible to be whole from within and connected to every desire of your heart, which is why I created this group mastermind, Purposefully Whole ™.

girl by sea.jpg

Details of the 4 month mastermind:

  • 3 group Zoom calls each month (12 calls total)

  • Hot seat each week for laser coaching

  • Small group of women who “get” you and support you (warning: you may just find your soulmate bff in here-priceless!)

  • Video modules along with workbook/action assignments

  • Private Facebook group with the other women in the course for accountability and to post your questions in between calls for me to answer; basically unlimited support throughout the program!

  • Lifetime access to the modules and materials

Start date: First module is released 3/25/19! First mastermind call will be the week 4/1. (official date & time TBA based on majority preference)


  • 4 extra juicy modules added

  • Meditation bundle

  • Incredible guest experts

  • Opportunity to work with me 1:1 at a special rate

EXTRA bonuses for those who register by 3/16/19:

  • Early bird pricing! (save $1,000!)

  • 1:1 voxer support throughout the program!

  • 1, 1:1 45 minute intensive with me


  • Pay in Full: $2,500

    • Payment plans: 4 monthly payments of: $700 or 8 bi-weekly payments of $360.

The love you’re looking for is already within your own heart. You just have to tune back in, giving yourself permission to be all that you are, to live out the highest and best path for your life, because you are more than worthy. It’s about falling deeply in love with the most important person you’ll ever meet—yourself.

Purposefully Whole ™  isn’t just another course, it’s a commitment to a deeply transformational healing.

Here’s what some ladies from the last round of this program are saying:

“Danielle, you have forever changed my life. I can't thank you enough. The last eight weeks have made me dig deep and really think. I have had a lot of breakthroughs in several areas in my life! Places that were dark that were even blocked now have had light shown to them. They are all ready to be released now. Thank you so much. Words can not express what you have done for me.” -Brandi

“I think my biggest breakthrough was remembering to own my brilliance, and to do the daily work to integrate that into my body and nervous system on a daily basis. This course really came into my life at a time where I was really doubting myself and my ability to help people and I had been attracting people that mirrored that back to me. The more I sifted through my own body of work, read my client testimonials etc, the more I "remembered" and I ended up attracting 3 dream clients which had been the easiest on-boarding process ever! Having you, Danielle as a leader was such a calm, beautiful and powerful presence! The way that you can listen and draw parallels between where we "think" we’re stuck versus where we actually are getting tangled up is what leads us to our breakthroughs! It's a safe place to be heard, to be acknowledged, to listen and to grow together!” -Brittany

“I didn't realize how deeply my co-dependent tendencies were handicapping me still. I thought I had moved past it and I was loving myself, but I wasn't fully. I was still straining my marriage and holding myself back from him, and me.”

“If you ever get the chance to work with Danielle Laura... take it! These last eight weeks together Danielle guided us through such powerful shifts and I found a whole new layer of me, or rather I shed another layer. I was so honored to hold space for the transformation I witnessed in the other souls who joined us as well. Thank you for everything that you do, Danielle, the world is truly a better place because you choose to bravely share and embody your truth. Thank you. Thank you. I would absolutely recommend this course to someone else. This work was so powerful. Danielle hold's such a powerful container for healing and draws in such beautiful souls to work with her. I will be revisiting the workbooks from this course more than once I am sure! I can't recommend it enough. Danielle is amazing!” -Beth Joy

“My biggest breakthrough in this course was that I need to value myself in such a big way that I can stand in my truth and charge the rates that will support me in thriving. I would definitely recommend this course to others. There is so much value in the self discovery and healing and the opportunity to share in the weekly classes.” -Jess (who ended up doubling her rates as a result of deeply connecting to her truth and signed on a new client that very week!)


From My Heart To Yours….

If you don’t already know me, you’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m qualified to teach this course? I’m Danielle Laura; a heart centered and mission driven counselor and former medical executive who started my own spiritual coaching & mentoring business to help others experience deep healing and expedited growth in order to live fully expressed, lit up lives both personally and professionally. 

Throughout my decade of work in the human services field, I have a very keen understanding of human behavior and what it takes for lasting success and fulfillment at every level in our lives. As the founder of H.O.T. Souls ™ Individual and Couples Coaching, I am so passionate about helping people shift their entire paradigm so they can shift and change the world through honesty, openness, and transparency. 

My mission is to help change makers ground into their truth, master their gifting to amplify their zone of genius, cultivate H.O.T., thriving relationships, and up-level their life in transformative ways while making their greatest impact.

I have Masters Degree in Counseling, Bachelors in Health Science, and I am a Healer, but my real passion and inspiration in creating this course is two fold; First, I work with people every day who are hurting and have experienced heartbreak on some level or another and truly want to live in the highest path of their life, so I know how to guide people through that process. 

Second, and most importantly, I’m a real person who has experienced deep heartbreak in my own life and I know full well what suffering in silence feels like and how crippling it can be at times. There was a period in my life while I was going through a devastating divorce, had the closest people in my life turn their backs on me, slander my character and say ridiculous and untrue things, had every penny from my bank account stolen from me, had to give up everything I had worked so hard for, and so much more. Yet, I continued on every second, and in order to keep going, I shut down my heart, and every area of my life was affected as a result. My healing journey and connecting back to my heart center again was very much of a process, but it worked! I’ve compiled everything I did on my journey as well as the ways I help clients and put it into power packed modules in the creation of this program, Purposefully Whole ™. A few gems that occurred when I allowed my heart to come alive again and fully accept Gods beautiful blessings: being featured on over 25 podcasts/radio/interview features, signed two book deals, attracted soulmate clients by speaking my truth, developed the most soul nourishing connections with kindred spirits, experiencing the purest forms of love and goodness, reshaped my business, and now am embarking on a journey of traveling the world while running a global business that lights my soul on fire. Yes, it does get to be that good when you choose to accept all you’re meant for :) 

One More Thing…

If you’re feeling that twinge in your heart right now as these words resonate in your soul, you definitely need to be a part of this program. The soul knows what it needs; it’s your choice to honor it.

You may be thinking “maybe if I just give it another try, finally become consistent in meditating and journaling, it’ll have a breakthrough this time.” Love, how many times have you told yourself that now? What will it cost you to be in the same place emotionally as you are right now six months from now…or 5 years from now? 

You can do all the meditation, prayer, journaling, and whatever else you think will work, but sometimes we truly do need to implement other modalities and have a strong mentor and friends we can trust walk out our journey with us. I firmly believe a huge key to the journey of upleveling my life through my hardest times was being in a mastermind with an incredible mentor and group of ladies who totally “got me” and reflected my strength back to me, even when I couldn’t see it for myself. 

If you’re craving depth, trust, vulnerability and the safe container to unleash your brilliance, this mastermind is for you.

This course is going to help you find your center again, the core of who you are, and open you up to freely accept your own inner love so fiercely to become purposefully whole in all God made you to be.

The best investment you can make right now is the one in yourself, to free your heart and soul from the pain so that you can free up that space in your heart to welcome in goodness, purity and the highest version of you. Can you really afford NOT to? Your inner queen is waiting for you to choose her.

Sister, I want you to know that it IS possible to be purposefully whole within your own heart. When you’re grounded in the truth of who you be and unapologetically step into your divine purpose, you. are. unstoppable. What you’ve lost is nothing compared to what you’re gaining. You can quote me on that. ;)

Will you be joining us?! 

“Danielle, you have such a unique and powerful gift for being able to see into people's souls and help them bring that truth to the foreground of their consciousness. I am already looking forward to the next time we are able to work together. You bless my soul and catapult my growth every time!” -Beth Joy

“My heart was completely locked up. My heart is now opened up and I can feel again. This course has changed my life forever.” -Brandi