Purposefully Whole™ Program Questionnaire

Ladies, it has been an absolute honor to journey with you though this course! I pray this course has served you immensely. Please answer the below questions to help me better understand your experience in the program and how I can make it even better in the future :) Thank you!!

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If you'd like to do this in a video format, I'd absolutely love that!! Please e-mail your video to me at: danielle@danielle-laura.com or send it to me via FB messenger :)

I am running this course again soon and if you recommend someone who would really benefit from this course and they sign up, I’d love to offer you a 1 hour coaching session or energy work/reading session with me! Feel free to share my future posts about it, or have them directly message me :)

Also, If you’d love to continue our work together on a 1:1 basis, reach out! After clients finish my group work, I love to offer 1 follow up 1:1 call per month, with unlimited voxer support between calls for access to me in all your pivotal moments! It’s $297/month if you’re interested-just let me know by 7/30/19 :)

All my love,