H.O.T. Souls ™ Series: Purposefully Whole

An 8 week deep dive course on returning to a place of inner love & resiliency after heartbreak. Rediscovering who you are, redefining your world, reprograming your new path, shifting your paradigm. 

Free yourself from within.

If you’re dealing with a form of heartbreak, you’re probably experiencing things like:

  • Deep sadness from the loss of someone or something you dearly loved

  • Questioning why things happened the way they did, replaying the scenarios over and over again in your mind hoping you’ll find an answer 

  • Anger/bitterness/resentment over the way things turned out

  • A sense of longing for things to be better 

  • Difficulty sleeping, concentrating, performing, anxiety

  • Everyday tasks that were once easy now feel like huge monumental chores

  • Loss of interest in things that used to light you up

  • A change in your overall demeanor (becoming more introverted or vice versa)

Heartbreak takes on many forms, from the loss of a loved one, whether that be a romantic partner, family member, friend, the loss of a circumstance such as a job or business, the loss of a place you long for, a dream, and so much more-you name it. But the common thread: loss. It’s the loss of something or someone we had a deep connection with, a love, that can’t be explained in words, only felt with the heart. This is why we feel an array of emotions from sadness, longing, anxiety, exhaustion, despair, depression, unfulfilled, uncertainty, feeling like our world is flipped upside down, the list goes on…

The healing journey looks different for everyone, but there are some foundational principles that anyone can use that will truly help heal from within, not just put a temporary bandaid over the emotion, only to show up again at a later date.

These aspects, if you commit to them, will give you the power of loving yourself unconditionally, healing the heartbreak, making peace with your past, and redefining a new, bright future.

In order to heal, we must feel. In a world that glorifies “the next best thing”, deep within, it won’t satisfy until you’ve healed the root cause of the pain. If you’re seeing the same patterns played out in your life over and over again, it’s a sign that there’s a deeper wound, pattern, or belief that needs to be addressed.

The same type of conflict you keep attracting into your life…

The same type of relationship you keep settling for that’s way less than you deserve….

The same fight you keep having over with your family member again and again…

The same reason you keep saying you’re going to do all these particular things that you never actually do….

The same reason why you’re shying away from your real truth…

The same reason you’re self sabotaging which is keeping you from your next level of success...

It all comes down to one core wound/pattern/or belief that has been leaking over into the other areas of your life, which is why you’re seeing the same things repeated.

You don’t have “so many issues” like some of my clients initially think, you just have one core belief that needs to be reprogramed so that you can create a new pattern and shift your paradigm. 

It really is possible to heal from within, which is why I created this course in my H.O.T. Souls ™ Series: Purposefully Whole.

Details of the group course:

  • 8 weeks long

  • Video modules along with workbook/action assignments will be released each week

  • 60 minute group Zoom call each week with me for laser coaching to answer specific questions 

  • Private Facebook group with the other members in the course for accountability and to post your questions in between calls for me to answer; basically unlimited support throughput the program!

  • Lifetime access to the modules

  • Start date: 12/6/18!


  • Incredible guest experts!

  • Extra modules added!

  • Opportunity to work with me 1:1 at a very special rate!

Investment: $615 paid in full

or payment plan: 2 payments of $350 (paid over 8 weeks), or 3 payments of $233 (paid over 12 weeks)

Outcomes of this course:

  • Healing on a soul level that frees your heart from the hurt you’ve been consciously or unconsciously carrying with you

  • Ending cycles of codependency

  • Ending toxic relationship patterns

  • Loving yourself unconditionally, and setting standards that are honoring to yourself

  • Being fully content on your own, not NEEDING someone to complete you

  • Owning your confidence and your worth

  • Freedom and permission to be ALL you are

  • Self love, acceptance, and empowerment

  • Joy and peace in your life again

  • Becoming the vibrational match for the desires of your heart

  • Knowing yourself and your needs so well, in addition to knowing how to communicate those in your future relationship for healthy, thriving, mutually fulfilling relationships

If you don’t already know me, you’re probably wondering who I am and why I’m qualified to teach this course? I’m Danielle Laura; a heart centered and mission driven Counselor who started my own Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring business to help others experience deep healing and expedited growth in order to live fully expressed, lit up lives both personally and professionally. 

Throughout my decade of work in the human services field, I have a very keen understanding of human behavior and what it takes for lasting success and fulfillment at every level in our lives. As the founder of H.O.T. Souls ™ Individual and Couples Coaching, I am so passionate about helping people shift their entire paradigm so they can shift and change the world through honesty, openness, and transparency

My mission is to help change makers ground into their truth, master their gifting to amplify their zone of genius, cultivate H.O.T., thriving relationships, and up-level their life in transformative ways while making their greatest impact.

I have Masters Degree in Counseling, Bachelors in Health Science, and I am a Healer, but my real passion and drive in creating this course is two fold; One, I work with people every day who are hurting and have experienced heartbreak on some level or another and truly want to live in freedom, so I know how to guide people through that process. Second, I’ve experienced deep heartbreak in my own life and I know full well the profound effects of healing through heartbreak, returning to a place of unconditional self love and resiliency, and how that truly shapes the rest of your life.

Purposefully Whole ™  isn’t just a silly course, it’s a commitment to a deeply transformational healing.

It’s about finding your spiritual grounding and center, knowing full well who you “be” to the point where a storm can be raging all around you, but you’re at peace from within and nothing can shake you. You’re purposefully whole.

If you’re feeling that twinge in your heart right now as these words resonate in your soul, you definitely need to be a part of this program. The soul knows what it needs; it’s your choice to honor it.

Let’s be honest and admit the fact that the holidays can be a time where emotions are heightened, especially if you’re still in the process of healing after heartache. 

We see the cute couples at Christmas, New Years, and Valentines Day and a part of us just can’t help but be reminded of all of our past memories with those we loved, and the longing for those sweet times again. 

Or maybe you are in a relationship where trust was broken and hurt is still very much present and things just aren’t what they used to be, or how you long for them to be. Maybe what you’re both needing is a healing within your own individual hearts, so you can come back together, stronger than ever.

This course is going to help you find your center again, the core of who you are, and open you up to freely accept your own inner love so fiercely to become purposefully whole in all God made you to be.

Go into the holidays with a supportive community of others who totally get you, feel your pain, and have been through it themselves. Learn from one another, lean on one another, and heal together. 

The best investment you can make right now is the one in yourself, to free your heart and soul from the pain so that you can free up that space in your heart to welcome in goodness, purity and simply to open yourself up to receive again. Can you really afford NOT to? What will it cost you to be in the same place emotionally as you are right now six months from now…or 5 years from now? Choose yourself.

Learn ways to overcome the sadness and triggers, connect you back with the truth of who you “BE” and start your journey to loving yourself unconditionally. Until we are whole from within first, we can’t truly accept or appreciate the true love we deserve from others.

Bring in 2019 as a renewed, and restored you, the you that’s better than ever and ready to accept ALL that is waiting for you post heartbreak.

I can’t wait to see the renewed you in a few weeks from now! :) Let’s do this!