Genesis Point™ Group Mastermind

~a 6 month deep dive journey of inner healing, energy mastery, and paradigm shifting that will catalyze divine transformation so that you can operate most effectively as the change maker you are and step into the full embodiment of your soul driven mission~

Learn how to unwaveringly ground into your truth, discover how to use ALL of your gifting to amplify and deepen your zone of genius, and live a fully expressed life both personally & professionally while making your greatest impact.


**Calling my heart-centered, over-achieving, entrepreneurial leading ladies who know you have a change-maker mission and are ready to fully step into your bigness and use your spiritual gifting to make your greatest impact!**

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to leave this world a better place than you found it

  • You’ve always been driven to do something that matters, even if you couldn’t pinpoint why

  • You’re the person everyone comes to because of your loving and caring energy and are always there for anyone who needs you

  • You can feel the emotions of others and sense things that most people don’t

  • You are a healer for others-whether this be through your words, presence, or touch

  • You know you have spiritual gifts, and you even use them-but you want to master them fully

It’s also safe to say:

  • You’re a natural born leader

  • You are a change-maker and visionary

  • Over-achiever is your middle name

  • You do everything with excellence and have accomplished amazing things; a definite high performer

  • You are mission-driven for a cause bigger than yourself

  • You are a selfless giver

  • You’re the “strong friend” and the one everyone depends on

  • People have used these words to describe you: driven, spiritual, passionate, loving, high-spirited, deep, giving, independent, determined, and loyal (just to name a few)


Sister, you’re what we call an “Earth Angel” and you’re here for a purpose greater than you can comprehend! The world needs your medicine, your healing, and your deep expertise, and it’s time for you to become visible as the spiritual leader of your own life!


BUT, because you are all of these glorious things, you have also experienced:

  • Doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing instead of what you truly want to be doing and as a result:

  • Depletion, burn out, and exhaustion

  • Self-sacrifice and putting yourself last

  • People-pleasing and perfectionism

  • Lack of boundaries and balance leaving you feeling scattered at times

  • Accomplishing incredible things, yet dimming your light and playing small as to not come off as “braggy” or make anyone else feel “less than”

  • You haven’t stopped to ask yourself what you even desire or need because you’re constantly giving to everybody else—as a result your health and relationships have suffered and been put on the back burner

  • As driven and motivated as you are, you’ve settled in one or more areas of your life which has left you feeling unfulfilled

  • You’re at the point where you’ve outgrown your current reality and are ready to step into full embodiment of your heart-centered purpose


You're the high achiever who naturally brings out the best in people and inspires them to up-level in their life, and are regularly told "you're amazing!" but you're feeling like it's finally your time to up-level in your own ways.

You have the brilliant ideas, the raving client testimonials, and have made a tangible impact, but you still feel like something is “off” or missing, and you’re done with it keeping you from up-leveling even more and doing what you love on a greater scale. You no longer want to allow this to keep you playing “safe” or smaller in life than you’d like.

Maybe you know exactly what needs to shift, but you have no idea how to make it happen. You’ve meditated, journaled, practiced your self-care rituals, sought out the insight of your fellow entrepreneurial friends, yet there’s still a giant question mark- a deeper fire burning inside of you that you know needs to be unlocked for you to be lit up and live a life that actually brings you total joy and fulfillment.

You know your gifts are powerful and that fire is burning inside you to unlock them all.

In order to up-level in the ways you desire and bring out all of your unique gifts in full force and use them to operate at 100% capacity, you know there’s some inner energy work that needs to be done to break past barriers holding you back and propel you into that higher and best version of yourself.

Sister, are you busy making this world a beautiful place when your own soul is a battleground? Have you been silencing our own desires for the sake of everyone else?

Burnout is REAL for us over-achievers, and it will take over every part of your life before you know it. 

-->If this is how much you can achieve as you’re depleted and burned out, IMAGINE how much you can give if you’re operating in a space of flow and finally be fully present in your own energy, being Spirit-led, and doing your heart-centered work of value from that space?!

Your mission shouldn’t drain you, it should make you feel full of joy and alive—which is what will happen when you’re in total alignment with your soul’s purpose; instead of feeling depleted from forcing and doing “all the things”, you’ll be thriving and making a greater impact in less time with less stress. Hellooooo freedom and fulfillment!

You’re at a point in your life where you know you’re being called to more; you realize there’s a shift taking place within you. 

To the high-achievers who are big givers with big dreams, PERMISSION GRANTED: It’s time to have big desires for yourself and bring them to life!

What if I told you the burning desires in your heart are there on purpose, you’re meant to fulfill them, and it’s completely possible for you?!

Imagine your life completely shifts and transforms on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels, and you’re finally able to live the life you know you’re meant for?


  • More freedom, more passion, more time, more connection, more authenticity, more truth, more impact, more income!

  • Skyrocketed confidence in your truth, mission, and gifting- finally welcome your big desires to life; ditch behind people pleasing and perfectionism once and for all

  • Turning self-sacrifice into self-mastery; have the tools that will keep you in alignment to avoid burnout in the future

  • Deep dive into your inner divine feminine and intuition; channeling your higher self with confidence in knowing that each next decision you make is the right one for you—external validation is a thing of the past

  • Inner healing of past limiting beliefs that have kept you “stuck” or playing smaller in life than you’d like

  • Master the balance between the power of your masculine and feminine energies to work in unison together for best results in every area of your life, personally & professionally

  • Trade depletion and burn out for ease and flow

  • Leave behind the “either/or” mentality and shift into the “both/and”; knowing you can have the desires of your heart and calling them into your life with ease

  • Shift your paradigm; leave behind the old and welcome the new

  • Deeper and more meaningful relationships that are nourishing for your soul

  • Self-love and inner empowerment

  • Balance in mind, body, and Spirit

  • Become the energetic match for the desires of your heart: the business, finances, love, relationships, all of it!

Mastery of your gifting. Depth in your zone of genius. Sharpness in your delivery. Developing higher levels of consciousness for transformative expansion.

You’re craving an even deeper connection where you can bring your authentic spiritual gifting to life and use ALL of who you are in your business & life to make your greatest impact with intention, purpose and fulfillment—emotionally intelligent entrepreneurship at its finest!

Do you have prophetic dreams that you don’t even know the meaning of? Are you in kundaluni yoga and have a light show going on in the back of your eyes? Maybe you just sense things and are ALWAYS spot on! Maybe you listen to channeled messages from Abraham Hicks but you want to be able to channel for yourself? It's probably safe to say that your spiritual gifting has been there all your life, but at times you've suppressed it and it's thrown you for a loop! You've probably wondered how do you bring you spiritual experiences into the world?! I help people use spiritual tools and harness your own gifts while knowing how to help more people—all while living a life that lights you up from the inside out, in every area of your life both personally and professionally.

Your wings are already there, now it’s just time to fly.

Not long ago, I was where you are, and I’ve been divinely inspired to create this Genesis Point™ Mastermind specifically for you!

~A 6 month group mastermind for the soulful entrepreneur to rise up as the change-maker she is and create the paradigm shift she needs in order to be equipped to handle the bigness of her soul-driven mission in this world.~ You will learn how to ground into your truth, discover how to use ALL of your gifting to amplify and deepen your zone of genius, and live a fully expressed life both personally & professionally while making your greatest impact.~


  • 3, 90 minute group coaching calls each month (18 total) -Receive individualized attention each week!

  • 1, 45 minute 1:1 call each month (6 total)

  • Program modules released each month containing video, visuals, written & action assignments

  • Small, intimate group of likeminded soul sisters to journey with you (limited to 5 ladies)

  • 6 months; beginning 10/10/18 - 3/20/19

  • Zoom calls will be on Wednesday’s (time is TBA)


  • Private Facebook group with unlimited access to Danielle

  • Access to the Membership Site where all content will be stored

  • Guest Experts along the way adding tremendous value!

  • Meditation Bundle

  • Reading list and supporting documents for your growth

  • Access to all other mini courses created by Danielle along the way

Program Modules (brief overview):

*Months 1 & 2 : Re-define, Re-wire, Re-Program

  • Connecting with your heart center

  • Overcoming people pleasing & perfectionism, ending toxic relationships

  • Triggers: understanding them and setting healthy boundaries

  • Intention setting & casting your vision

  • Establishing and aligning with your change maker mission

  • Honing in on your zone of genius, your unique magic

  • Shadow work: fear detox, re-framing your paradigm

  • Connecting with your feminine energy: all things intuition & connecting to your higher self

  • Sacred self-care & self-love

  • The art of self-expansion & empowerment

*Months 3 & 4: Energetics & Self-Mastery

  • Understanding & mastering your own energy

  • Uniting both your masculine & feminine energy to work in unison together

  • Grounding into your vision

  • Energy healing & balancing

  • Chakra work

  • The art of surrender

  • Becoming your own channel

  • Decision making: from fear to trust

  • Opening up & deepening your spiritual and intuitive gifts

*Months 5 & 6: Paradigm Shift: Integration & Embodiment

  • Gifts practicing

  • Being Spirit-led

  • Shifting your paradigm; embodiment of your mission

  • Brining your change maker mission to life

  • Creation for forward movement

  • Powerful systems and structures: establishing & setting up your next platform

  • Soul Flow & Glow


*This particular round of Genesis Point™ is very special because it's in beta testing; therefore, all the modules and content will be created specifically for the sisters in this group and a ton of extra value will be added for your specific needs. The Genesis Point™ Mastermind is a 8k program being offered to you at significantly less of what this course will be for the next round!*

Fast Action Pricing-Save $500 (for those who book within 48 hours of our connection call-because I so value action takers!): $5k paid in full, or $930/month for 6 months.

Regular Price: $5,500 pay in full or $1,025/month for 6 months.

There is also an option to put down a larger deposit with smaller payments each month (for 6 months) for those who may prefer that. We can work that out on our connection call :) 


✨This isn’t just your run of the mill spiritual mastermind where you’re going to learn tricks and tips of spirituality and universal laws….This program is spiritual surgery for your soul. It’s about catalyzing divine transformation and healing. Every time you heal something inward, you heal something for the world too, and to bring your change maker mission to life,  you must first look inward.✨

One thing I know for sure about you is that you’re a legacy leaver and space holder for so many others and you deeply desire to fully step into the bigness of your purpose in deeper ways than ever before to live out your change maker mission.

You’re ready to show up in the world as the dynamic, soulful woman you are, without hiding, compromising, or sacrificing your hearts desires.

I totally get it—

A little of my story:

Hey sister, I’m Danielle Laura- the overachieving, recovering perfectionist, mission driven, corporate ladder climber turned spiritual entrepreneur. 

When I first started my coaching and mentoring business, I desperately wanted to know how to incorporate my spirituality into my work—I didn’t want to “hide” anymore or feel confined like I did in corporate.

I knew I was a multi-passionate, dynamic, soulful leader and there was so much more to me than just crushing goals and living in the light of success that the world defines.

I wanted to be free to use ALL of my God-given talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts in addition to the education and experience I’ve obtained, and I wanted to show other fiercely driven women how to do that for themselves too. 

I’ve thoroughly studied transformation and I’ve noticed that the transformation that is often taught lacks depth. The truth is that lasting change doesn’t happen outside of you, it happens from within. I consistently do the inner work (it’s an ongoing process by the way), and I know what it takes to shift your paradigm and quantum leap into the life you know you’re meant for. 

I’ve also experienced the power of Sisterhood in a group mastermind, and how it truly aided in the most deeply transformational work I’ve done in my entire life. 

Never underestimate the power of other heart-centered women holding massive space for you as you step into the fullness of all you’re meant to be. 

Having loving, judgment-free, powerhouse women alongside my journey with me as I grew through some of the messiest and most glorious times of my life was absolutely priceless…and because it made such a profound impact in my own life, I was inspired to hold the container to create this Sisterhood space for you as well.

Together, we are going to shift ourselves so we are more powerful agents of change and purpose.

I can tell you with absolutely certainty that you are here on purpose, for a purpose far greater than you may even realize in this moment. Whatever dreams are in your heart are there for a reason-it’s because they’re connected to your calling and it’s time to fully honor it, to answer the soul call.

I am a Personal Development & Leadership Coach, Healer, and Spiritual Mentor for soulful female entrepreneurs like you. I have a Master’s degree in Counseling with a specialization in Health and Wellness, and a Bachelor’s in Health Science. I am also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and have over a decade of experience in helping leaders up-level to the best of their ability.

My mission is to help people who want to change the world learn how to do it in their own soul-aligned way—to shift their entire paradigm so they can shift and change the world through deep surrender, trust, and flow. 


Legacy leaver, are you ready to live out your mission in full radiance?! It truly is possible for you to be whole from within-in mind, body, and Spirit, living a life of peace, freedom, inspiration, and ultimate fulfillment-and that is my dream for you, sister!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this program for?

It’s for the soulful, over-achieving entrepreneur who feels like you have a change-maker mission and are ready to fully step into your bigness!

Do you have a soul-driven mission that is burning inside of you, but you’re afraid that if you’re a big giver and over-achiever that it means you have to be an under-receiver, and you don’t want to make anyone else feel “less than”?

Yet at the same time your secret dream is to inspire, influence, and positively transform the lives of thousands if not millions of people to live out their highest path while using their spiritual gifts to make their greatest impact?

Do you have a feeling that in order to become the woman you’re meant to become, it will involve healing energetically from the inside out and rewiring past patterns, but you just don’t know how? 


This is also for you if:

  • You’re committed to going ALL IN

  • You’re ready to catalyze divine transformation and healing

  • You will trust the process and surrender the comfortable for the best that’s meant for you

  • You will show up and do the inner work

  • You’re open to quantum shifting your reality

  • You’re a change maker on a mission and nothing will hold you back, no excuses. You’re the type of person who may feel the fear, and do it anyway!

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re completely comfortable with the life you’re living right now

  • You choose to let the story of your past define you

  • You want to stay in your comfort zone

  • You aren’t willing to take inspired action

Is this program for entrepreneurs only?

Not necessarily. While the program is geared for spiritual entrepreneurs, if you have a "side hustle" business that you're aspiring to make your full time career, I'd love to have you :)

What sets your experience with me apart from other coaches?

My coaching style is unique; my intuitive mediumship gifting allows me to see into the core essence of you, the things in you that you can’t see for yourself and I help you bring that to life in a way that is authentic and aligned for you.

Most coaches are either completely strategy, completely “woo”, or some odd division of the two. What sets me apart is that I’m 100% of BOTH. I tune into my intuition, allowing myself to be Spirit-led and create from a heart-centered place of transformation, and from there I use the strategy and tools that are going to be most in alignment for you to take massive action in brining it all to life-and I teach my clients how to do this for themselves too.

I help you understand the energetics of what’s going on internally, all while guiding you through and teaching you how to master it for yourself so you can finally reach the place you want to be-living out the greatest and highest version of you; and in turn, creating the life, love, business, and impact you desire.

My Master’s degree in Counseling, over a decade of working in the human services field, coupled with continual learning and my own transformational journey gives me an exceptional understanding and awareness of human behavior.

I lovingly tell you what you need to hear (not just what you want to hear-anybody can do that), speaking profound truth into your life, while encouraging you and holding massive space for you. I am totally devoted to your souls growth, so you have my complete attention and aligned energy throughout our time together to ignite the fire in your own soul to burn brighter than ever. I truly believe in you and your own beautiful divine gifts, and count it a true honor to work with you.

Will I have time for this?

You’re a busy lady, I hear ya!! We will have a 90 minute group call the first 3 weeks of the month (the 4th week will be for integration). A module with a brief training video will be released each week and you’ll be given action assignments that will easily incorporate into your schedule. Everyone has a different learning style and ways they like to integrate information, so I'd say allow yourself a minimum of two hours each week (beyond our group call) to do the inner work.

Will this program truly work for me?

I feel so passionate about the results you’ll experience, but I can’t do the work for you-you must be committed, show up, and go deep. If you do the inner work, I strongly feel you will experience a lasting transformation.

What is the process to get started?

Simply click on the link to schedule a brief connection call with me to make sure this will be an amazing fit! To maintain the integrity of the program, I want to keep the group small to make sure everyone will get the most benefit out of this mastermind and have a supportive group of like-minded women to journey with. 


Just like a candle lights up a dark room, you are a light leader for this world, here to live out your soul-driven mission in a big way. If you were looking for a sign, this is it—IT. IS. YOUR. TIME.

Step up, stand in your truth, tune in, and turn on.

Schedule your connection call at the link below. I can’t wait to connect with you!! :)



Have you been saying “yes!” The entire time you read this? If your soul is on fire as you feel these words resonating deep in your heart, its time to step forward and accept your soul call. It’s your time, sister!

Let’s get super raw for a moment and acknowledge something. 

Any time we are on the brink of up-leveling in our life and making a decision that will catapult us to where we want to be, our ego tries to come in and “protect” us by bringing up every fear around why we should just stay in our comfort zone and not move forward.

Here’s the deal: if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to stay right where you’ve always been. Where will you be in 6 months from today if you don’t make any changes?

You have a choice. You can continue in the cycle and pattern of project managing your life, facing burnout and living at half of your capacity, constantly wishing you could be the real you and use ALL of your gifting to make your greatest impact in this world, OR you can decide you are going to shift your paradigm, and truly step into the best and highest path of your life as you make the impact and legacy you long to make.

You’re ready to quantum leap-to literally drop the old you and channel your higher self to become her. You’re deeply committed, soulfully and passionately ready for more! Ready to embrace fulfillment like you’ve never experienced before. Ready to dive deeper into your personal power and purpose and impact the world for the highest good. You’re ready to drop the analysis of the “how” and step into the now to fully trust your divine path and stand in the truth of your light-radiantly, unapologetically and with wild abandon.

You are just one decision away from a totally different life.

I see you. I see the glorious essence of all you are and I want to help you bring that to life in full bloom. 

--The world desperately needs what you have to give.--

Let’s journey together to illuminate, ignite, and inspire.