H.O.T. Souls ™ Couples Coaching

For the power couples who desire to make a deep impact in this world together and want to have steaming H.O.T. and thriving relationships that fuel and nourish their soul daily!

You’re both visionaries who are slaying your goals and making a profound impact, and you’re both so lit up by what you do, BUT you know deep down your relationship could be more lit up too.

You truly adore each other, and you want your life together to be the very best it can be, and “just okay” or even “great” isn’t an option for you! 

You want to embody the type of relationship that inspires others (and maybe even makes them a little jealous ;)) —after all, you’re a power couple, right?!

My signature framework, H.O.T. Souls ™ is the prime combination of the core aspects that make up healthy and thriving relationships that nobody else is teaching or talking about—and the things you probably have no idea are affecting your longterm fulfillment!

In my years as a counselor, coach, and mentor, I’ve compiled the top desires that my clients, friends, and people I know want most in a soulful partnership.  

H.O.T. Souls ™  is founded upon raw Honesty, Openness and Transparency on a soul level leading to:

  • Crystal clear, effective communication—>Outcome: less conflict!!!

  • Mutual fulfillment of needs—>Outcome: An enrichment and growth of selfless love

  • Skyrocketed passion—>Outcome: bliss, surreal reality of a different dimension of love 

  • Emotionally intelligent love—>Outcome: next level vulnerability 

  • Mutual respect—>Outcome: honoring your partner 

  • True admiration—>Outcome: deeper levels of respect 

  • Security in your commitment—>Outcome: undying faithfulness 

  • Safe vulnerability—>Outcome: total surrender  

  • Magnetic energy—> Outcome: undeniable chemistry

  • Out of this world intimacy—>Outcome: soulmates, soul connection

  • Bettering each other every day—>Outcome: exponential growth, a couple the world would be jealous of; power couple

—>This goes way beyond traditional couples counseling. This is the stuff you’ve probably never realized was affecting the success of your relationship, and the things nobody else is talking about.

—>We’re going there. Me. You. Your partner. 4 months of raw *Honesty. Openness. Transparency* that will completely transform your relationship from “average” or even “great” to “thriving” and HOT.

In my years as a counselor, I’ve seen couples go through so many of the same cycles and patterns that lead to unfulfilling relationships because they are missing the CORE principles that lead to mutually fulfilling, thriving relationships that are healthy and nourishing for longterm success.

Even traditional couples counseling and therapy doesn’t touch on the principles I work on with my clients. 

People tell me time and time again that they’re dissatisfied with traditional therapy because it touches on some important communication tactics, which is amazing and definitely a START to a successful and thriving a relationship, but it doesn’t end there. 

There are several factors like the ones below to name a few that strongly affect your relationship, but nobody has shown you how to effectively understand and navigate these aspects in your romantic relationship for optimal mutual fulfillment:

-communication styles

-attachment styles & patterns

-learning styles

-dominant personality traits

-love languages

-masculine & feminine energy dynamics

That’s where I come in, and exactly why I created H.O.T. Souls ™ for Couples. 

If you believe that life is way too short for boring, surface level, unfulfilling relationships, then you need to a part of H.O.T. Souls ™ Couples Coaching. Submit your application at the link below, and I’ll contact you to set up a connection call to solidify that we’re an amazing fit to work together :)