High Level Mentorship for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

You are a spiritual entrepreneur: coach, healer, creative, or visionary leader who is fiercely ambitious, you believe in the truth of your work and have a burning passion fueling all you do, you’ve taken the steps to make your dreams a reality-and you’ve been successful!

BUT lately you’ve been feeling like:

  • You’ve achieved great things, yet something still feels “off”, you’re yearning for a deeper fulfillment; you know you’ve evolved past your comfort zone and are here for so much more.

  • You know you’re intuitive, but you have a burning desire to learn what your unique intuitive and spiritual gifts actually are and how to use them to make a transformative impact.

  • You crave being able to connect to and master your own energy for optimal success.

  • You’ve been dimming your light and playing “safe” because of fear; fear of what people will think of you if you own your intuitive and spiritual gifts in full force, fear of losing friendships, and fear of how quickly things in your life will shift as you step into alignment with your true purpose.

  • You’ve been relying on the insight of others to keep you going in the right direction and in turn you’ve felt out of alignment and low energy.

  • You’re completely drained from putting everyone before yourself and taking on the energy of those around you.

  • You've been saying yes to things that don’t serve you or aren’t in alignment with our soul’s purpose because you don’t want to disappoint someone.

  • You’re always the one who is there for everyone else, always the strength that others lean on, but you rarely have anyone who is there for you.

  • You’ve been exceeding the own expectations you’ve put on yourself at the expense of your health and relationships.

  • You never say “no” and you’re getting burned out because you have no time.

  • Your perfectionist tendencies for overthinking and overanalyzing leave you deeply unsatisfied.

  • You’ve been stressed and overwhelmed because you don’t have healthy boundaries or balance in place in your life-even though you thought you did, but this is why the burnout cycle continues.

  • You deeply desire thriving, mutually fulfilling connections and relationships in your life.

  • You’ve tried so many ways to reach your next goal, to up-level, but there’s something keeping you stuck or energetically blocked and you know it’s time to address it.


You're the high performer who naturally brings out the best in people and inspires them to up-level in their life, and are regularly told "you're amazing!" but you're feeling like it's finally your time to up-level in your own ways.

You have the brilliant ideas, the raving client testimonials, and have made a tangible impact, but you still feel like something is “off” or missing, and you’re done with it keeping you from up-leveling even more and doing what you love on a greater scale. You no longer want to allow this to keep you playing “safe” or smaller than you’d like. 

Maybe you know exactly what needs to shift, but you have no idea how to make it happen. You’ve meditated, journaled, practiced your self-care rituals, sought out the insight of your fellow entrepreneurial friends, yet there’s still a giant question mark- a deeper fire burning inside of you that you know needs to be unlocked for you to be lit up and live a life that actually brings you total joy and fulfillment.

You know your gifts are powerful and that fire is burning inside you to unlock them all.

In order to up-level in the ways you desire and bring out all of your unique gifts in full force and use them to operate at 100% capacity, you know there’s some inner work that needs to be done to break past barriers holding you back and propel you into that higher and best version of yourself. 

One thing I know for sure about you is that you're a legacy leaver and space holder for so many others and you deeply desire to step into the full embodiment of your soul-driven mission as a change maker.

What if I told you the burning desires in your heart are there on purpose, you’re meant to fulfill them, and it’s completely possible for you?! 

Imagine your life completely shifts and transforms on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels, and you’re finally able to live the life you know you’re meant for? 


Picture this:

  • You discover and hone in on your exact, unique intuitive gifts (your superpowers) that set you apart and you begin operating out of those gifts 100% of the time, giving you and your clients mind blowing results and transformations.

  • You learn how to master the connection with your intuition and deepen your self awareness and emotional intelligence.

  • You learn how to connect to and master your own energy and heal yourself on an energetic level outward.

  • You harness the power between your masculine and feminine energies to work in unison together to create next-level results all the time. Using your intuition to guide you to the next level backed up with the determination and intuitive strategy to make it happen becomes your new normal.

  • You live in a state of harmony with healthy boundaries in all areas of your life-mind, body, and Spirit.

  • Your health radically improves-and so do your relationships!

  • You achieve dreams you’ve long had because you’re finally able to break past the limiting beliefs and patterns that have held you back for far too long.

  • You finally understand the power of living in your own energy, and in turn, you manage stress in tangible ways that release all the negative energy that once consumed you, alleviating burn out.

  • You have the most H.O.T., thriving, mutually fulfilling relationships in your life.

  • You feel completely whole from the inside out, living your greatest purpose mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically while inspiring others to do the same. You have the freedom, fulfillment, strength, joy, peace, and love you’ve always craved.


Everything you just imagined could be your new reality if you have the right guidance.


Work With Me

My 1:1 private coaching is a high-level, 6 month signature program called Genesis Point™, combining transformational coaching, healing, and mentoring for the soulful, fiercely driven and ambitious change maker who is ready to align with your higher self to unlock your unique intuitive and spiritual gifts, up-level in every area of your life, and break past energetic barriers so you can stop playing small, cultivate thriving, healthy relationships, and operate at 100% of your abilities in order to live a life of service that lights you up every single day, while making your greatest impact in the world!

Details of private coaching/mentorship:

Throughout our initial 6 months together, we will meet weekly via a Zoom call for an hour and focus on your specific needs and desires for growth. We will meet the first 3 weeks of the month, the fourth week will be integration week for you. I will intuitively assess what assignments to give you to implement that week to skyrocket your expansion. You will also have access to me for support or questions between sessions through 1:1 voxer and e-mail support. I will also provide you with resources to help you on your growth and any materials you’re given are yours to keep. As a bonus, you will also have access to any course I create during our time working together!


What We’ll Do Together

  • Unlock, grow, and deepen your unique, divine intuitive and spiritual gifts so that you can live in your zone of genius every single day!

  • Deepen your unshakable faith and in turn: understand your worth, what you desire, setting your non-negotiable in every area of life, being in tune with what is meant for you on your highest and best path, and building the strength to surrender, follow, and trust your purpose intentionally, unapologetically, and with passion.

  • Guided healing work to break past barriers that have made you feel “stuck” or have kept you playing smaller in life than you’d like.

  • Deep inner work of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and reflection allowing you to process through your shadows and make peace with your past so that you can purposefully step into your bright future and experience lasting freedom in whatever you desire to achieve.

  • Learn techniques to cleanse, guard, and protect your energy to maintain your clarity and discernment.

  • Refining the art of harnessing the power of both the masculine and feminine energies to work in unison together in order to be truly unstoppable. Picture your divine feminine leading you intuitively through balancing flow and ease to ditch the stress and overwhelm, while still having the intuitive strategy and determination to achieve anything you desire.

  • Establishing the sacred art of self care that is unique to you by exploring different modalities that feel in alignment for you.

  • Constructing a plan for healthy balance in your life combined with boundaries that support that balance so that you’re no longer drained from committing to things not meant for you. Doing things out of “obligation” will be a thing of your past.

  • Understand your own keys to consistent success and how stand out for your own unique truth.

  • Refining the art of relational leadership and cultivating intentional connections and relationships that are thriving and nourishing to your soul.


What You Can Experience

*The following are real life examples of the shifts taken place in the lives of my clients during our work together.*


  • Natural gifts and creativity skyrocket

  • Clear thinking from operating in complete alignment with your purpose and unique zone of genius

  • Set bigger intentions for yourself and achieve them with ease!

  • Shift from “stress, overwhelm, hustle, and stuck” to operating with ease and flow in ways that bring you joy

  • You become highly aware of what you desire and set clear non-negotiables in your life

  • You have a heightened awareness of your worth and what you bring to the table in every aspect of your life

  • You choose to never settle again

  • Your mind is a sponge, constantly soaking up new information and applying it to your life, relationships, and business in ways that raise you higher

  • Accept challenges you wouldn’t have had the mental strength or confidence for in the past

  • No longer sweat the small stuff or let insignificant things consume your thoughts

  • You choose to surround yourself with likeminded individuals who encourage your growth


  • Inner strength greater than you’ve ever known before

  • No longer allow external forces to dictate your emotions

  • New found confidence; you no longer put your sense of self worth or identity in what anyone else thinks of you

  • The beautiful ability to receive when you once had difficulty doing so and even felt guilty for it

  • You speak your truth unapologetically

  • Own your worth in every aspect of your life and never settle in relationships ever again

  • You feel things in a deeper, more profound way than ever before

  • You are finally in control of your emotions instead of allowing them to control you

  • Make decisions from a heart centered place of alignment with trusting your intuition; you no longer look to others for every piece of direction or approval in your life

  • Fully aware of your own inner power and are able to inspire those around you

  • Completely in tune with your inner guide and are able to recognize right away what you are feeling about a particular situation and why and sort thorough those emotions accordingly

  • Your ability to hold space for others increases ten fold

  • Your capacity to love and give expands outward and your impact is greater than ever

  • Learned the art of tempering your emotions and protecting your energy; the highs and lows of emotions are a thing of the past

  • You’ve become totally tapped into your own divine energy and exude it in a way that is radiant and magnetic

  • You live in a state of joy and gracefully say “no” to things that don’t excite you

  • Set healthy boundaries and balance that is sustainable for the long haul

  • Live in a state of gratitude and overflow; this allows for abundance in every part of your life


  • Explore and deepen your gifts to the point where you’re operating at 100% of your potential

  • You discover and hone in on your own unique intuitive abilities

  • Develop a heightened intuition and allow it to guide you with every decision you make; no more looking outward for answers

  • You fully trust and know you are supported by God

  • You live in a state of heightened awareness

  • Intuitive downloads come to you all the time and you take inspired action for massive success

  • You feel like you’re a new person, a truly transformed spiritual being

  • Use your spiritual gifting to impact the lives you come into contact with-and do so in life changing ways

  • Your spirituality is integral to who you are and you operate in total flow and alignment with your soul’s purpose

  • Your own impact in the lives of others is transformational as you use your gifts to lift others higher

  • Become crystal clear on your purpose, your message, your gifts, the way you help people, and you see massive shifts begin to happen all around you

  • A devotion to furthering your spiritual gifts and practices that allow for continual growth and connection

  • Your clients see real results and shifts as a result of your own intuitive awareness


  • More energy than ever before

  • Have the sensation that you can feel every cell in your body working together; feeling “lit” and inspired

  • Feeling high vibe is your new norm

  • You eat foods that are nourishing for your body

  • You honor your body by staying active and healthy

  • Regular hours of sleep are part of your routine

  • You practice self-care every day, it’s a non-negotiable for you now

  • You physically have a “glow” about you that others notice and comment on #soulglow

  • Rock your confidence



Paid in full: $13K

Payment plan: $2,300/month, or you may pay a larger deposit with smaller monthly breakdowns if that better serves you.

If your soul is lit up as you feel these truths resonating deep in your heart, step forward and accept your soul call! It’s your time.

Book your connection call and let’s journey to together to illuminate your soul to burn brighter than ever!


Hey there, I’m Danielle Laura.

The overachieving, mission driven, corporate ladder climber turned spiritual entrepreneur. 

I know what it’s like to live a totally stressed out life and feel so depleted and burnt out by the end of your day-but convince yourself it’s worth it because after all, you’re doing whatever it takes to make your dreams a reality.

I was the over-achiever, type “A”, recovering perfectionist who strived to set big goals and dreams and was determined to achieve them no matter the cost!

I was so consumed with reaching the next milestone that I was never really present in the moment to enjoy the journey.

I lived in a perpetual state of feeling anxious to meet deadlines and internally depleted from putting everyone and everything first, leaving no time for self-care.

Even though I was slaying my goals, living a life of service and involved in activities I loved, it never left me fully satisfied, and often times I thought to myself, “This isn’t what I thought it was going to be.”

From childhood, I always had an eagerness to make a positive impact in the world and set big goals, but I had no idea how to do all of those things with balance or boundaries. I also knew at a young age that I was “different” in the ways that I felt energy and knew things about people and situations-little did I know my intuitive and spiritual gifts were a huge part of my life, even though I didn’t recognize it at the time.

Fast forward to grad school. I was a full time student, working three jobs anywhere from 70-100 hours a week, involved in my church and community and trying desperately to maintain relationships with loved ones. I felt the need to stay insanely busy and do everything I thought would lead me to having a fulfilled life.

But it didn’t, I just ended up depleted, sick, taking merely a 2-3 hour nap at night, and living off of caffeine, prayer, and the grace of God.

My health spiraled out of control and my body physically broke down. After yet another serious health crisis occurred (this happened too many times now), I had no other choice but to make some real changes in my life.

However, I fell back into the sneaky trap of striving and achieving as I entered the full time career world. “Hustle” became my middle name as I was still overly committed and constantly focused on furthering my career. My dedication landed me opportunities with exceptionally high level of responsibility, but as I gave 110% in everything I did, I was trying to give from a nearly empty vessel, allowing the energy of everyone else around me drain me completely, further affecting my personal health and relationships.

I needed to change for good this time. I didn’t want to live my life with regrets, I wanted to live a balanced life of joy, one that I could look forward to living each and every day. One where I was totally fulfilled from the inside out, using every divine gift and ability I had to make a positive impact in the world.

It was at this life-altering moment that I began my own journey of self-discovery, and my spiritual awakening began in full force. Having always been an advocate of personal development and self-awareness, I wanted to go deeper than ever. I dove head first into my inner work and began transforming my life at lightening speed. In a matter of months my entire life was awakened. I was deeply drawn to healing, and became a Certified Reiki Master, all while my spiritual and intuitive gifts opened in full bloom.

I am most passionate about empowering my fellow change makers to answer the call of their life, to step into their divine purpose and awaken their own spiritual and intuitive gifting in order to live a life of true fulfillment that lights them up from the inside out-while making the most beautiful impact in this world. After several divine nudges, I was inspired to leave the corporate world and start by own business doing exactly that-and here we are today :)

When I left my corporate career for entrepreneurship and I started my coaching and mentoring business, I desperately wanted to know how to incorporate my spirituality into my work—I didn’t want to “hide” anymore or feel confined like I did in corporate.

I knew I was a multi-passionate, dynamic, soulful leader and there was so much more to me than just crushing goals and living in the light of success that the world defines.

I wanted to be free to use ALL of my God-given talents, abilities, and spiritual gifts in addition to the education and experience I’ve obtained, and I wanted to show other fiercely dedicated leaders learn how to do that for themselves too. 

I’ve thoroughly studied transformation and I’ve noticed that the transformation that is often taught lacks depth. The truth is that lasting change doesn’t happen outside of you, it happens from within. I consistently do the inner work (it’s an ongoing process by the way), and I know what it takes to shift your paradigm and quantum leap into the life you know you’re meant for. 

I can tell you with absolutely certainty that you are here on purpose, for a purpose far greater than you may even realize in this moment. Whatever dreams are in your heart are there for a reason-it’s because they’re connected to your calling and it’s time to fully honor it, to answer the soul call.

I am a Personal Development & Leadership Coach, Healer, and Spiritual Mentor for deeply ambitious, soulful, spiritually gifted entrepreneurs like you. I have a Master’s degree in Counseling, and a Bachelor’s in Health Science. I am also a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and have over a decade of experience in helping leaders up-level to the best of their ability.

My education combined with the vast array of individuals I’ve worked with, coupled with my unique spiritual and intuitive gifts, have given me a keen understanding and awareness on the issues you are facing, and how I can help you.

My mission is to help people who want to change the world learn how to do it in their own soul-aligned way—to shift their entire paradigm so they can shift and change the world through honesty, openness, and transparency. 

Legacy leaver, are you ready to live out your mission in full radiance?! It truly is possible for you to be whole from within-in mind, body, and spirit, living a life of peace, freedom, inspiration, and ultimate fulfillment-and that is my dream for you!

Are you ready to break past barriers and step into an even greater version of yourself, achieve your wildest dreams, serve in a way that feels in total alignment with your soul’s purpose, have the most soul nourishing connections, and operate with ease an flow? Then my one of a kind signature mentorship is for you!


Who is this program for?

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur- coach, healer, creative, visionary leader-who is ready to awaken your divine truth, deepen your uniquely intuitive and spiritual  gifts, become the master of your energy, up-level your life in a transformative way, break past barriers, live out your truth, cultivate the most healthy & thriving relationships, and make your greatest impact as the change maker you are—this is for you!

You must also:

  • Be a no-nonsense, go-getter who will fully commit to the process without letting anything hold you back; Willing to push past fear, even when it’s uncomfortable- you’re the type of person who may feel the fear and do it anyway!

  • Have a genuine desire to know your core truth and open your gifts to better serve humanity for the highest good.

  • Must be ready to look deep within, be real, raw, and honest with yourself and trust the process of expansion.

  • 100% committed, be an action taker, and be coachable.

  • Be completely open to rapid shifts and quantum leaps; fully ready to embrace the highest version of you.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready to awaken and deepen your gifts in full force and use them to positively impact this world.

  • You choose to let the story of your past define you.

  • You want to stay in your comfort zone.

  • You aren't willing to take inspired action.


What sets your experience with me apart from other coaches?

My approach to coaching, healing, and mentoring is completely multi-faceted, and unlike anything offered in the industry. I use my God-given gifts in a combination with traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Therapy, transformational coaching, energy healing, and my intuitive abilities to feel, know, hear, and see into every area of your life.  This enables me to pinpoint exactly where you are, what’s holding you back, help you understand the energetics of what’s going on internally, all while guiding you through it and teaching you how to master it for yourself so you can finally reach the place you want to be- living out the greatest and highest version of you -and in turn create the life, love, business, and impact you desire.

My Master’s degree in Counseling and over a decade of working in the human services field, coupled with continual learning, also gives me an exceptional understanding and awareness of human behavior and ways that will aid in helping you understand and learn your unique life’s path and how to live in your radiant truth and light.

I lovingly tell you exactly what you need to hear (not just what you want to hear-anybody can do that), speaking profound truth into your life, while encouraging you and holding massive space for you in ways unlike anything you’ve experienced before. I am totally devoted to your souls growth, so you have my complete attention and aligned energy throughout our time together to ignite the fire in your own soul to burn brighter than ever. I truly believe in you and your own beautifully divine gifts, and count it a true honor to work with your energy in helping you to own it for yourself.


Will I have time for this?

You’re busy, I hear ya!! If you are working with me in my 1:1 private coaching, we will have a 1 hour call together each week. During our call, we will be working through a variety of things that are specific for you, and I will give you action steps to work on and incorporate throughout your week that will fit into your schedule. In order to receive the highest level of transformation, I do encourage a solid 2-3 hours of work outside of our calls together to expand your growth through this up-leveling process.


Will this program truly work for me?

I feel so passionate about the results you will receive, but I can’t do the work for you-you must be committed and show up. If you do the inner work, I strongly feel you will experience a lasting transformation.


What is the process to get started?

Simply fill out the application form, then select a time for our connection call where we will talk to answer any questions you may have and make sure that we’re an amazing fit to work together :)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me.




Have you been saying “yes!” the entire time you read this? If your soul is on fire as you feel these words resonating deep in your heart, it’s time to step forward and accept your soul call. It’s your time!

Let’s get super raw for a moment and acknowledge something.

Anytime we are on the brink of up-leveling in our life and making a decision that will catapult us to where we are meant to be, our ego tries to come in and “protect” us by bringing up every fear around why we should just stay in our comfort zone, and just keep trying on our own. 

Here’s the deal: if you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to stay right where you’ve always been. You'll continue living in a state of knowing there’s something more for you, feeling triggered anytime someone reaches their next mark of success because you’ll be secretly wishing it was you, and you'll be spinning your wheels as you relive the same story each day, trying to convince yourself that your current success is all you want-when your heart knows the real story. Before you know it, you'll be looking back on your life and living with regrets.

OR, you can choose to silence the ego and take the inspired action your inner guide has been nudging you to take-making the decision to awaken your deeply spiritual and intuitive gifts, become the master of your energy, heal from the inside out, develop the soul nourishing relationships you’ve been craving, and up-level in ways that will literally transform your life and allow you to make the greatest impact on humanity that you know you're here to make.

You’re ready for a quantum leap-to literally drop the old you and fully commit to the highest version of you. You’re committed-deeply, soulfully, passionately ready for more! Ready for fulfillment and success like you’ve never experienced it before.

Ready to dive deeper than ever into your powerful purpose and impact the world for the greatest good. 

You’re ready to drop the analysis of the “how” and step into the now to fully trust your divine path. Ready to stand in the truth of your light-radiantly, unapologetically, and with wild abandon. Nothing will hold you back.


Step forward. Accept the soul call. It’s your time, and the world desperately needs what you have to give.

Let’s journey together to illuminate, ignite, and inspire.

You will finally experience the gift of true freedom, assurance, be whole and lit up from the inside out-and finally, be in love with every aspect of your life, as you make a forever impact on humanity.


This is the dream I have for you, leader.

Submit your application today and begin the journey to your best and most fulfilled life with the help of your personal guide.