Client Love: Testimonials

1:1 Coaching Clients:

“Where do I even begin…first off, I’ve worked with a few coaches and healers in the past, but Danielle is in a league of her own-the way she combines her coaching, healing work, intuitive insight, and therapy background is unlike anything else out there. The insight she has speaks straight to my heart, every time. What drew me to work with Danielle as a coach was her trusting and empowering energy. The first time we spoke, I felt like I was talking to my best friend. Over the 9 months I’ve worked with Danielle, I can say every part of my life has transformed for the better! I gained complete clarity on the direction to take in my business-which is now thriving, I finally understood my true worth, ended a relationship and gained the confidence to make decisions that honor myself, I released some major energetic blocks that I didn’t even realize had held me back for years, I let go of old patterns that were sabotaging my growth, and I’ve discovered spiritual gifts I didn’t even know I had! Best of all, I feel free to be me, because I finally understand myself. Working with Danielle has awakened me to see and feel more than I ever have before in my life. If you have the opportunity to work with Danielle, do not hesitate!!! It will change your life. I'm living proof.” ~Meghan O’Reilly: Small Business Owner

“…We shifted from feeling like roommates and co-parents to a power couple with next level venerability, clarity in our mission together, and a “spark” we’ve been trying to achieve for over 5 years in regular couples counseling. Danielle’s work is deep, raw, real, and extremely powerful!” -Marc and Theresa Rollins: Entrepreneurs

“Danielle is an absolute powerhouse! She is the ultimate truth teller who shoots it straight and tells you exactly what you need to hear to help you facilitate an actual transformation, not just a temporary fix-and I love that about her!! She has the gift of making you feel completely safe in sharing the parts of your heart that you wouldn’t share with anyone else. She sees right through you and lovingly guides you to the core root of the issue, no fluff. At the same time, she makes me laugh so hard by being raw and relatable, which is an awesome dynamic. I grew more with Danielle in one month of working together than I did in 3 years of traditional counseling. Our sessions together are the highlight of my week! I If you have the opportunity to work with her, do it!” ~Rachel Montgomery: Publicist

“When I first started seeing Danielle I didn’t know what to expect or what I was walking into…At the initial consult, Danielle was asking questions about my personal/emotional, career, physical, and spiritual life. Altogether, I realized my issues tied in with one area of my life affects the rest. I was struggling with self-worth and didn’t even know it myself. In counseling, I had always learned the “labels” and “traditional techniques” for overcoming anxiety and depression, but Danielle identified issues beyond a “label,” and instead realized that the self-worth issue has an impact on all areas of my life. We began there and worked forward. I am now in month 4 of seeing Danielle, and I seriously cannot tell you how much different my life has been. I’ve had more purpose and drive in my day to be better in my personal, physical, spiritual, and career life and taken steps in the right direction that I have never done before. It was an awakening, because I was able to solve a root issue and not a surface level issue that the world like to identify as “mental illness”. You are beautiful and made in Gods image, and she does the best job of identifying any and all ways that are prohibiting you from believing that and pursuing your dreams. Since my time with Danielle, I’ve been promoted in my career, devoted and inspired in my relationship with the Lord, inspired in my growth in my personal relationship with a man in my life, and so much more. I have always wanted growth, and she showed me that it is possible, because working through the weeds/roots gets you to an open field with a world of opportunity to grow.” -Victoria Lawson, Insurance Specialist

“I’ve been working with Danielle specifically on understanding my own energy and how I can master my own energetics to perform at my optimum levels. I’ve always known I was an empath and very affected by the energy of others, but had no idea that I could learn to master this for myself. To be honest, I was slightly skeptical of the “woo” and spiritual aspects of it all, but something about Danielle made me trust her and want to explore this more, and I’m SO thankful I did. She is a phenomenal coach and energy healer who is the real deal in every way. If you have the opportunity to work with anyone, definitely no look further than her!! I can’t recommend her highly enough.” ~Melissa Rankin: Entrepreneur

“When we started working with Danielle, I’d say our relationship was solid, but we knew there was more below the surface that could really transform our connection from being great to one that was thriving on every level. We worked on the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical aspects of our marriage and learned about so many factors what we had no idea were at play, but once we understood them and implemented the pillars Danielle helped us work through, I can truly say our marriage has never been better! The love and respect we have for each other now is greater than it’s ever been in our 12 years together. Danielle is exceptionally gifted in seeing below the surface and lovingly yet firmly helping us see exactly where we’re being held back, and guides us through it in a way that is perfect for each of us to understand…if you’re the type of person or couple who desires accountability to be the best level of you, a compassionate yet powerful presence to allow you to be seen for all you are (judgement free), and the intuitive insight where you need it most, then look no further than Danielle-hire her immediately!” -Kimberly & Daniel Malbrough

“When I first started working with Danielle, my main goal was working on my leadership skills to further myself in my career and better lead my team, we’ve done SO much more than just that! Danielle helped me see how much every part of our lives are interconnected and why it’s so important to do the inner work on yourself so that you can actually serve others better. I had zero balance in my life and Danielle helped me take a deep look within and discover what boundaries I needed to put into place that would be the most beneficial to my ultimate success-and it has worked tremendously! I feel completely renewed where as before I was constantly feeling drained. What I love about the way Danielle mentors is that she really focuses on helping you bring out more of you; she has this beautiful ability to help you dig deep into the parts of your life that would normally be overlooked and discover your core truths. I am beyond thankful for the real impact she’s had in my life and I look forward to continual growth with her mentorship. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!” ~Veronica Martinez: Project Manager

“A friend initially referred me to Danielle’s work, and at first I thought my main goal was deepening my leadership skills and zone of genius, but Danielle saw straight into the real issue at hand which was the lack of trust in myself which greatly affected every single relationship in my life…as a result of our work together, I ended a dead end relationship, decided to never settle again, healed patterns from my past relationships, implemented the aspects Danielle had me work on, and ended up manifesting my soulmate 3 weeks later! The stuff she leads you through is deep work, and literally changed my life.” -Julie Rubino: Sales Professional

Group Coaching Clients:

“Danielle, you have forever changed my life. I can't thank you enough. The last eight weeks have made me dig deep and really think. I have had a lot of breakthroughs in several areas in my life! Places that were dark that were even blocked now have had light shown to them. They are all ready to be released now. Thank you so much. Words can not express what you have done for me.” -Brandi Eson

“I think my biggest breakthrough was remembering to own my brilliance, and to do the daily work to integrate that into my body and nervous system on a daily basis. This course really came into my life at a time where I was really doubting myself and my ability to help people and I had been attracting people that mirrored that back to me. The more I sifted through my own body of work, read my client testimonials etc, the more I "remembered" and I ended up attracting 3 dream clients which had been the easiest on-boarding process ever! Having you, Danielle as a leader was such a calm, beautiful and powerful presence! The way that you can listen and draw parallels between where we "think" we’re stuck versus where we actually are getting tangled up is what leads us to our breakthroughs! It's a safe place to be heard, to be acknowledged, to listen and to grow together!” -Brittany Hammond: Filmmaker & Brand Strategist

“I didn't realize how deeply my co-dependent tendencies were handicapping me still. I thought I had moved past it and I was loving myself, but I wasn't fully. I was still straining my marriage and holding myself back from him, and me.”

“If you ever get the chance to work with Danielle Laura... take it! These last eight weeks together Danielle guided us through such powerful shifts and I found a whole new layer of me, or rather I shed another layer. I was so honored to hold space for the transformation I witnessed in the other souls who joined us as well. Thank you for everything that you do, Danielle, the world is truly a better place because you choose to bravely share and embody your truth. Thank you. Thank you. I would absolutely recommend this course to someone else. This work was so powerful. Danielle hold's such a powerful container for healing and draws in such beautiful souls to work with her. I will be revisiting the workbooks from this course more than once I am sure! I can't recommend it enough. Danielle is amazing!” -Beth Joy Swain: Life Coach

“My biggest breakthrough in this course was that I need to value myself in such a big way that I can stand in my truth and charge the rates that will support me in thriving. I would definitely recommend this course to others. There is so much value in the self discovery and healing and the opportunity to share in the weekly classes.” (who ended up doubling her rates as a result of deeply connecting to her truth and signed on a new client that very week!) -Jess Reidell: Intuitive Life Coach

“I would recommend this program to anybody who has ever doubted themselves, who has ever questioned if this is all there is, who wants to be free, deserves to do this type of work and to have/give this type of support/love” -Amy Yates, Corporate Manager

“I would highly recommend Purposefully Whole to anyone. Danielle is a testament to what happens in your life when you do the work. She is living, walking and breathing abundance. She is feminine grace. She is skilled, knowledgable and supportive in anyone discovering and living their highest level purpose.” -Rebekah Anderson, Entrepreneur & Educational Trailblazer

“I feel the ripple effects of what I have learned will continue to affect me with such positive momentum. I am so incredibly grateful for your generosity, your laser focus on what would support me the best with every question I brought and the warmth and encouragement you brought. I feel so hopeful and seen and gladdened. This course and your support saw me through some harder moments of my divorce and into joy and exploration and I just know this course accelerated my healing and growth . Every thing you offered along the way was on point! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” -Lesley Yadon, Life Coach

Healing Clients:

“Danielle is the BEST. Her gifts are like nothing I’ve experienced before! Earlier this week I had my first energy healing session with Danielle and my mind was BLOWN! I think I cried the entire session (in a good way) as she uncovered so much about me and my identity that I knew deep down but somehow wasn’t able to bring to the surface and identify myself. I genuinely don’t think I would’ve gotten there without her. I was feeling so blocked before our session and ever since I feel like a new person. I feel more like myself than I ever have before and it feels damn good! Ive signed multiple new clients this week after over a month’s drought, and I am spilling over with new content, courses, and clarity in my business and my purpose. I’ve always struggled keeping my energy, power, and happiness going unless I was alone. More often than not I’ve felt overwhelmed, stressed, and kind of just low key unhappy. However in my session I gained so much clarity and understanding of myself that I now feel SO empowered to own my power. She cleared the cobwebs and blocks to my power and opened up space for my own transformation. I just feel so damn good and aligned! I learned so much in such a short period of time and feel like I’m alive and aligned like never before. This alone is literally priceless. I’m still learning to protect myself and I still have more healing to do but omg talk about IMPACT! Danielle is the BEST. Her gifts are like nothing I’ve experienced before and I literally pray that every human on earth can have an experience like this one! I can’t wait to have more sessions!” -Harmony Patten: Certified FDN Practitioner

“Before working with Danielle I had blocks and a heaviness within me that I just could not shake. I was skeptical to work with her, initially, because most of the healers I hear about are not faith-based. But my fears were quickly put to rest; The power, clarity and healing that happened in our session was undeniably a gift that could only come from God. I was thinking the healing was the result but it was actually only the beginning. The amount of divine downloads and ideas I have had since my session with Danielle has caused exponential growth in my life, health, business and my own spiritual gifting. I cannot recommend this girl enough!!!” -Xani Morton Williams: Personal Branding Strategist + Creative Director

“I'm beyond grateful for the energy healing session I just had with Danielle. While she asked me some questions ahead of time about my intentions for the session, I could not have asked for what came through. The whole session I felt calm and safe with Danielle, and once we began the divine messages immediately started flowing! I was truly impressed at the depth of energetic information she received and relayed about my chakra system, extremely thorough cleansing, as well as meaningful symbols and highly impactful insights as to how to further heal and take action in my life, both on a personal and professional level. I feel reconnected to my big purpose, I feel affirmed in my own intuition, and ready to take big leaps while leaning further into my trust of myself and the Universe. Highly recommend working with Danielle! I am so glad to have her as a valued resource for my growth!” - Sonya Highfield: Intuitive Biz & Mindset Coach

“Update since our call: I noticed a lot of shifts in only 1 week! Numbness in my right hand has gone away, back pain has ceased, depression has lifted, full force in creative mode with the ability to sit down and use my analytical side for planning, “heavy heart” has been restored to light and airy feeling while still so capable of loving deeply, and there are so many other adjustments that have happened, this is just what I can think of off the top of my head. You are amazing!!!” -Christin Selfridge, Artist & Boutique Owner