Black Friday Offers!

I am offering some SWEET deals for Black Friday and to sweeten the pot even more, I’m extending them through Monday night! So these offers stand from today, 11/23/18 through 11/26/18 at 11:59 pm ;)

Check them out and select accordingly! I can’t wait to connect with you!


Power Hour Breakthrough Sessions!

1 hour of laster focused coaching to propel you into 2019 making it your most successful year yet!!

  • For the high achievers who like to take fast, bold action to set their intentions into motion NOW so you’re already ahead of the game come January 1st!

  • Tailored specifically for you and your needs which will be assed by your application

  • Define and deepen your zone of genius and exactly how you help people

  • Understand your gifts and how to use them specifically in your business

  • Strengthen your relationships

  • Set your boundaries

  • Set your non-negotiable 

    • Setting your non-negotiable to make 2019 the year you crush your goals, no excuses and nothing standing in your way!

Come away with:

  • Laser clarity on how to achieve your goals in 2019

  • Action plan on how to make those things happen for you

  • Intuitive Guidance 

  • Energy Work (if you desire)

  • Fears and limiting beliefs shattered for good so you can actually move forward and not keep feeling “stuck”

  • Set yourself up for the most successful year of your life with 

Black Friday Special: $111

Link to apply:


Gracefully Gifted

  • 1 month (4 weeks) of gift practicing for the highly intuitive person ready to gain more confidence in their unique spiritual gifting. 

  • 60 minute calls (4)

  • Discover your dominant clairs

  • Learn how to protect, guard, and cleanse your energy

  • Go into 2019 knowing your exact gifting and how you can use it in your life and business for ultimate success and fulfillment.

  • You KNOW you have deeply spiritual gifting, and you so desire to master it and incorporate it into your business for unparalleled intuitive success. Maybe you’re unsure of yourself but know you are powerfully gifted and just need the confidence around it to move forward, stand in your truth and live out your soul driven mission in a way that totally lights you up.

  • Investment: $498 or two payments of $298

  • Link:


Individual Energy Healing Sessions

  • Chakra scan 

  • Shifting/balancing your energy

  • Release stagnant energy keeping you feeling “stuck”

  • Release negative emotion or limiting beliefs

  • Cleanse, guard, and protect your energy

  • Investment: $74

  • Link:


Intuitive Reading

  • Gain clarity, understanding, emotional freedom, insight, etc.!

  • As an Intuitive Medium, I connect with God, your angels, and guides to channel the information that is meant to come through for your highest good

  • My gifting allows me to see, hear, feel, and know, so you will receive the information in a variety of ways that speak to you most powerfully

  • Investment: $52

  • Link:


H.O.T. Souls ™ Series: Purposefully Whole

💫An 8 week deep dive course on returning to a place of inner love & resiliency after heartbreak. 

💫Rediscovering who you are, redefining your world, reprograming your new path, shifting your paradigm. 

Link for all the details and to register: